March 10, 2014

15 Of The Best Concealers

To go alongside my blog about “how to” maximise the help and coverage an amazing concealer can give you I did a little reading into what concealers people are using and rating. I am the kind of girl who finds her perfect match and just stays with it, so I thoroughly enjoyed this little research task. Check out whats on offer.




What: A cream, easy to blend concealer with pink undertones. Best for: This full coverage formula is perfect under the eyes or in areas you want to brighten.

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Kevyn Aucoin


What: A creamy, versatile concealer that offers full-coverage.

Best For: Wear it sheer for a subtle highlight on the face, or more opaque to erase under-eye shadows.

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What: A mineral-packed, creamy concealer that also illuminates the skin.

Best For: Medium coverage makes it ideal for brightening under the eyes as well as covering discolouration on the skin.

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What: A medium-coverage, creamy concealer available in a wide range of colours.

Best For: Though not as heavy as the original tattoo-covering formula, this satin-finish concealer will cover dark shadows, redness, and discolouration’s on all skin tones.

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Kat Von D


What: A full-coverage concealer that’s opaque enough to cover tattoos.

Best For: This formula works to hide under-eye shadows and imperfections plus blemishes and redness.

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What: A full-coverage, creamy concealer.

Best For: This highly-pigmented concealer will cover dark shadows as well as discolouration and redness.

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What: An anti-ageing concealer packed with wrinkle-fighting quercetin and oak concentrate.

Best For: Medium coverage and hydrating properties make this an ideal formula for anywhere coverage is needed.

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Make Up For Ever


What: A full-coverage concealer with a semi-matte finish.

Best For: Since this concealer comes in an array of colours and goes on creamy, it can be used anywhere on the face, including under the eyes and on blemishes.

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What: A vitamin E-packed concealer that soothes and softens while it works to camouflage imperfections.

Best For: Use it under the eyes to brighten shadows and on any redness or unevenness.

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Bobbi Brown


What: A sheer brightening cream that illuminates under the eyes to erase fatigue.

Best For: A must under the eyes, wear it alone or layer it under your favourite concealer for more coverage.

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What: A concealer and foundation in one that is perfect for on-the-go applications and touch-ups.

Best For: Use this pen where you have redness (in the T-zone and around the nose) or under your eyes to cover shadows.

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What: The original skin-brightening pen.

Best For: Wear it alone under your eyes, or on your cheekbones to brighten your skin, or layer it with a creamy concealer under your eyes to cover any dark shadows.

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Estée Lauder


What: An illuminating pen meant to brighten under eyes and skin.

Best For: Use it under your eyes. The formula has enough tint that you may be able to skip concealer, but is creamy enough for layering.

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What: A hydrating, anti-aging concealer.

Best For: The easy-to-blend formula is perfect for under-eye shadows or blemishes and redness.

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Laura Mercier


What: The godmother of concealer revered by makeup artists and celebrities alike.

Best For: Since the formula is so thick and opaque, this concealer works perfectly on blemishes, and redness.

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