March 5, 2014

Removing Nail Extensions – Gel or Acrylic

I hear people almost daily that are unhappy with their natural nails after having extensions on. People seem to struggle like nothing else to remove them and in the process they damage, rip and tear whatever length their nails had grown to.

No matter what nails you get on the same method applies in removing them, the time it takes may vary but that totally depends on how patient you are! I had extension on my own nails a week ago and successfully removed them yesterday without any major damage – just a little bit of mess. Let me explain step by step how to remove ANY nail extension easily. The steps have to be followed exactly and you have to have patience more than anything else. So maybe remove them while there is something entertaining to watch on the TV.

1. Take a nail file, a thicker one than normal which you can pick up from Asda/Sally’s and buff off the top layer of your nails. Ensuring you file right around near the cuticle all the way down to the free edge. The more you buff the better but be careful not to overdo it. You can see when you shine is fully removed and that tells you you’ve done the job.

2. Now you will be covered in dust but don’t worry as this is the most you’ll see. Brush yourself down and get rid of all dust from the nails. At this stage if you have your extensions really long cut them down using nail cutters. If you think your natural nails have grown to the full length of the extension then don’t cut them.

3. Now get some cotton wool pads, acetone nail varnish remover, rubber gloves (be it one’s you use to do the washing up or disposible ones) and tin foil.

Cut one cotton wool pad into 4, and do this with three pads so in total you have 16 small bits. Then tear two strips of tin foil off, and cut into 5. Look at the picture below and you should have the same in front of you now. Please do remember you have already cut you cotton pads into quarters. I took this picture a little too soon.


4. Now take a cotton piece, soak it in acetone (really drench it), place it on your little finger and then wrap the finger in the tin foil securely. Please look at the picture.

20130821-2323395. Now repeat this process with the other nails sticking to one hand. You might find it a little tricky but persevere as this is the only way to get the nails off properly. Once you have finished one hand you should look something like this…..


Success at last! Yeahyyyy.

To allow you to still do things this is where to magic of the rubber glove comes in handy. Pop your wrapped up hand carefully in the glove and pull tight to secure the tin foil, stop any spillage and allow you to still text!

6. If your feeling like you can, now try to do the exact same process on the other hand. Starting with the little finger and working your way up. The main trick is to ensure you wrap your finger/nail fully with the foil. If you have cut the foil too small or there are any spaces once you’ve wrapped the end of your finger this won’t work. Just cut bigger chunks of foil and start again. Once both hand are wrapped and gloved up, just forget about them for a while.

The longer the foil wrap’s are on the easier the nails will be to remove. My advice would be to leave the hands for 20 solid minutes. Make sure you don’t do anything that will cause to tin foil to come away from the nail in the glove as like I said it won’t work.

7. After 20 minutes take the glove off the first hand you did, starting from the little finger remove the foil and take a nail stick or nail file and gently buff the nails from one side to the other. The gel/acrylic should be like softish rubber on the nail and be coming off so easy. Repeat this with the rest of the nails and then move onto the other hand.

8. If you are encountering problems it can only mean one thing – you moved around too much and the tin foil had space to let air in. OR you didn’t apply enough acetone. Don’t worry tho, just redo the process again.

9. Once the nails are buffed gently and all gel is removed wash hands thoroughly and apply a large amount of good hand cream to your hands and nails. I would advice doing this as much as you can throughout the day for about 2/3 days. The fresh air is what your nails really need to regain natural strength and the hand cream gives your cuticles nourishment.

I hope this post helps and stops all you worriers out there being afraid to get beautiful nails on for a special occasion. :)