March 26, 2014

LVL Lash Lift Treatment

LVL – the original & official lash lift – gives you longer looking lashes without the need for lash extensions!

  • LVL Lashes will add length, volume and lift to your natural lashes – without using semi-permanent lash extensions or strip lashes (false lashes).
  • A low maintenance treatment – enjoy your new lash lift for up to 6 weeks!
  • No harsh perming techniques – no frizz – we use our gentle, innovative products to lift and straighten your natural eyelashes on silicon shields, rather than a traditional perming ‘rods’.
  • Treatments take just 45 minutes.

Loved by celebrity make-up artist like Lisa Eldridge!

“LVL is one of the quickest ways to brighten and lift your entire face”.

It is one of the essential treatments chosen by many celebrity make-up artists which gives that stunning wide-eyed look to your natural lash.


LVL Lash Lift FAQ

What is a LVL Lash Lift?

The lash lift procedure has revolutionised old, inadequate perming and curling techniques/ Using silicone pads and precision this new technique can lift, straighten, curl and lengthen your natural lashes to create a brighter, fuller, wide eyed look. This procedure will last 6-8 weeks and gives you the option of totally leaving your mascara behind!

Is a Lash Lift the same as an eyelash perm?
No the Lash lift is a new, improved procedure, overcoming the ‘over curled’ look of its predecessor . Whilst the chemical procedure is identical to a perm, the difference is in the results. By ditching the old fashioned perm rollers which curled back the lashes to the extent of the ‘dolly look’, the silicone pads used for this new procedure lifts the lash from the root in either a straight or curled, upwards fashion that produces length and a bright eyed enhanced look.

Does the Lash Lift procedure hurt?
No the procedure is totally painless.  You will have your eyes closed for the entire treatment and although it may feel a little strange being unable to open your eyes for this time, it offers you a chance to relax during the treatment.

How long does a lash lift take?
A lash lift can take anything from 45 minutes to an hour from beginning to end.

I wear contact lenses, can I have this procedure?
Yes. However, we will ask you to remove them temporarily during the treatment as the eyes will be closed throughout.

Can I wear makeup after my lash lift?
Yes but it is advised that you leave your lashes untouched for at least 24 hours after your treatment. You may find that there is no need for mascara anyway, but if you wish to make your lashes even fuller, a non-waterproof mascara is advised as the removal of waterproof mascaras can be harsh on the lashes and weaken the lift.

How do I clean my eyes?
Gently, using mild products. The Simple range is mild and inexpensive.

Can I use an eyelash curler?
No. There will be no need for an eyelash curler as this treatment gives a much better result than using a curler, But more importantly, using one may weaken and damage your lashes.

How often can I have a lash lift?
A lash lift will begin to naturally drop after about 2 months and your lashes will be back to their natural look. The lashes should drop evenly and will not look out of place. You can repeat the treatment after a minimum of one month if you feel you need to, but we advise every 6-8 weeks to keep them looking their best.

I hope to have covered most of the questions you will all be wondering about but if there is something on your mind just send me an email.