April 27, 2014

Increase productivity and manage your time better!

We feel as if we’re always staring at a never-ending to-do list. It’s long, has lots of sub-headings and there is more on it uncrossed, than crossed off. Sometimes it feels as if we’re never going to get through it.

Which is why we were delighted to find this infographic by American lawyer and self-titled start up evangelist Anna Vital, which outlines tips on how to be productive. Her suggestions include limiting email replies to one per minute and wearing the same kind of clothes every day.

Vital collated the tips last year when she lived in seven different countries, in areas from a remote village to a mega city.

She experimented with different ways of being productive by observing what well known successful individuals do.

For example, she noticed Steve Jobs, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg wore the same thing every day. “Barack chooses between two suits every morning – grey or navy, [and] Zuckerberg has a drawer of 20 identical grey t- shirts. When each of them were asked why they do this, the answer is to save time and avoid making small decisions so they can be more productive,” says Vital.

“I have been wearing the same thing for the past few months. Almost without exception. Does it work? Yes,” she added. “I don’t have to worry about finding my clothes or being stressed out about how it looks. Day after day I wear the same thing that I know works.”

Being more productiveI hope this will help you think twice about how you spend your time.



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