April 15, 2014

How To Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

Do you get frustrated when you hair colour just doesn’t last as much as promised or expected? Did you just get an expensive new dye in a really well known and distinguished hair salon, but after two weeks or so your hair looks hideous?Frequent salon visits can not only be time consuming but really influence your budget as well, at-home touch-ups are not only boring but also take a lot of time and if that’s not enough can result in a complete disaster! Fortunately for all those of you how do want to continue dying their hair and weren’t born with the perfect hair colour, there are ways to keep your tresses enhanced and colour-rich that ultimately save time, effort and tons of money. You can now keep your colour vibrant and your hair beautiful longer than you’re used to. We’re sharing the best tips, tricks and advises with you! Let’s inform you well about maintaining your hair colour and it’s guaranteed you’ll have a huge benefit!


First things first – when it comes to lasting colour, you really need to be careful and thoughtful about which colour you’ll pick and the choice you’ll make. Hair professionals advise all the ladies not to get carried away easily with the trends and change hair colours frequently and make drastic hair changes. Not only is it healthier for your hair to gradually change the hair colour but it will ultimately result in a better outcome. As much fun as it might seem at the moment to be spontaneous and go from blonde to raven, a colour so far from the current one you have is more likely to require more frequent maintenance. On top of that the fading will be obvious. Choose a colour closer to your natural shade instead. When it starts to fade it will be less noticeable and will look way more natural. Be alarmed that red is the colour most prone to fading because the molecules are larger in other colours and less stable!


Here’s an interesting fact that’s really important and helpful but we bet you didn’t know. The natural oils your scalp produces help strands hang on to colour! This is the reason why most of the instructions in at home kits say to dye unwashed hair. Do your best to avoid shampoo at least a couple of days before you dye. Try not to wash your locks for a few days after you have the coloring job done. This will give your hair the chance to completely absorb the colour. The better and more locked in it is at the start, the better it will look over time!


No matter how much in a hurry you are never, ever skip conditioning your hair while washing it. This goes for natural hair coloured girls as well, but it’s crucial for girls who dye their hair. Deep conditioning is always a good idea, whether you dye your hair or not. A deep conditioning mask a week before you dye it will give you a great colour, but continuing a weekly treatment will keep it that way. Also even though hair-glazes used to be a salon only treatment now it can be bought at any beauty store and it will protect your hair from environmental damage fades colour.


This is really important if you’re serious about keeping your hair colour longer and beautiful. Before you even consider applying any product like hairspray or gel, make sure you’ve looked at the label. If alcohol is listed as one of the top five ingredients, than by no mean you’re to put that on your hair. Alcohol dries out hair like more than anything else. Dried out hair loses colour fast and it has dull, unattractive appearance, the colour just looks sad and the hair tired!


Sun, drying products and over styling your hair with heat hair irons are definitely to blame for fading colour, but there’s a bigger treat that you’re exposed to daily and you probably aren’t even aware of it. That threat is believe or not plain water. When you shower and more importantly how you shower really makes a difference. Keep your hair away form the direct line of water, unless you’re rinsing. Hot water dries out hair, making it more porous and more prone to colour being washed away. Try to take the temperature as down as you can handle while rinsing, cold water would be best! The less you wash your hair with shampoo – the more colour you’ll keep on your strands. It would be a really wise decision if you invest in a dry shampoo to use in between washes and wear a shower cap on days you’re not washing your hair!