April 15, 2014

How To Get Ombre Lips. The Next Big Thing!

One of the most popular hair trends, ombre just took its place on another part of our body. Yes, lips! It is a fresh and amazing spring/summer makeup look. The key for getting the ombre lip effect is to use two shades from the same colour family, but you can always go out of the box and use some bright or neon colours. I bought an amazing Mac Lip Pencil and lipstick, two very different colours but it looks lovely.

It is a super and totally unusual look that will absolutely be noticed anywhere you wear it. Ombre is contouring your lips and makes them look fabulous.  Here you will find the greatest and the easiest way to get the gradient lip look. It is absolutely the one that you are going to love this season.


How To Get Ombre Lips. The Next Big Thing!

The first and important step it so moisturize your lips with a lip balm or a cream. Use a darker lip pencil than the lipstick you are going to use to line up your lips. It is a perfect matte base that creates a definition. Take your favorite one and start painting!


How To Get Ombre Lips. The Next Big Thing!

Another step that is crucial for getting the fade-shade look is your lipstick. Lipstick is the second tone of the ombre lip look and it should be a few shades darker or brighter than the lip pencil. If you want to add more dimension and fullness, use your fingers to tap the colors into each other.


How To Get Ombre Lips. The Next Big Thing!

And the last step is here. For the great finish, use your makeup brush in the center of your lips to blend the color out. For more effective look, use a tissue to keep everything on the right place. Ombre style definitely gives a depth to the mouth, so make them as large as possible!


How To Get Ombre Lips. The Next Big Thing!

This is what you have to come up with at the end. From bright reds to rich berry shades, there are many ombre makeup variations. Just keep in mind these easy steps to get the new must wear lip trend and follow the light! Be creative and try new things on! Done :)