April 15, 2014

Absolutely Must Have Nail Shades For This Summer

The sun is shining and I am feeling good….are you! :)

Summer is around the corner and that means that good vibes and positive energy will absolutely surround us. Amazing weather, bright colours, cocktails and friends! Well, you should definitely take some time for your summer look. Clothes, shoes, bikinis and make up should be wrapped with amazing nail colours this season. Forget about dark colours, it’s absolutely time to change that. Be creative and add a new dimension to your style.  We bring you new ideas and a great selection of nail colours that you just can’t leave your house without. We can give you your manicure in polish or gel polish which lasts up to three weeks! From corals to reds and silvers to gold, there is no better accessory as a wonderful polished nails, so make your appointment with us today.


Absolutely Must Have Nail Shades For This Summer

Your nails should always look presentable and be noticed, especially in summer time when the sun reveals almost every cell from your body. Adorable tangerine nails are just a perfect choice for well tanned skin. This colour is such a great couple with gold and bright accessories. If you really like to be in trend, than this is the colour for you. Choose your favourite and book in with us to really rock this summer.


Absolutely Must Have Nail Shades For This Summer

Who doesn’t want a glass of Rose wine on a summer day? Well, the beautiful colour of the wine can be exactly the one you wear on summer parties. The great benefit of the summer is that you can always play with colours. This pinky one it’s a feminine shade that absolutely rocks at night.


Absolutely Must Have Nail Shades For This Summer

Strong, glam and absolutely chick! If you want to keep your nails stylish, this glossy shade will definitely help you. The most flattering colour to wear, metallic gold should be on your hands very soon. If you want to keep all eyes on you on a night out, go and get some of the gold shades. Well, maybe it is not the real one, but it still looks classy and unique.


Absolutely Must Have Nail Shades For This Summer

Silver will definitely be a signature of this summer. It is super eye catching and it definitely wows everyone, especially with sun kissed skin! Don’t worry about protecting the amazing shiny shade of silver, our gel products ensure the best shine constantly. This one is incredibly sparkly and your luggage must be full of glitters this summer!